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Dancefloor Disrespect:  Club Etiquette For Patrons Not Feeling The DJ

    Several months ago, I found myself at the Union in Westport on what was probably a Friday or Saturday night.  I approached a friend of mine in the basement who was oddly standing with his back up against the railing that divides the DJ set up and the dancefloor, looking out at the dancing bodies while Jay-Z and Kanye’s “Niggas In Paris” blared from the speakers. 
    “What’s up man?” I said as I tried to greet him with some kind of funky handshake.  Just as the chorus came in (“That shit cray”), he threw his arms down and belted from his soul, “Maaaaaan, dat shit wack!”  I put my own hands out to my sides as if I was supposed to be able to do something about it.  He walked away and exited the club.
    In some ways, Kansas City is somewhat of a backwards ass town, still.  It’s not a DJ town, that’s for sure.  But it’s not the 1960’s either.  If you consider yourself a halfway educated music head, you would know that DJs have traditionally been looked at as trendsetters in the club/music industry.  Maybe playing “Niggas In Paris” doesn’t live up to being a trendsetter, necessarily.  But at least take your DJ criticism to a dark corner and out of the heart of the party.
    My outlook on this is very simple.  Dancefloors should be reserved for those who are feeling the music enough to dance.  Mean-mugging the DJ, or mean-mugging the entire dancefloor right in the teeth of the party for that matter, is not cool.  And the under appreciation of DJ culture in this city continues…


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and huddling/gossiping/standing there with your 7 BFFs in the middle of the dancefloor isn’t cool either. That shit cray.

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