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12th Planet : Interview

    We recently conducted a Q&A with the Los Angeles-based dubstep champ, 12th Planet.  Here’s what he had to say about what we can expect from his performance at the Skrillex Mothership Tour when it hits Liberty Hall in Lawrence on November 2nd, how he decided on a name for his dubstep alias, his upcoming work with Skream and A-Trak, and dabbling in…“witch house”, among other styles. 

    u:move:  You’re currently on tour with Skrillex for the Mothership Tour.  How has it been going so far?  What can we expect when you guys land in Lawrence, KS on November 2nd?

    12th Planet:  Expect pure madness!

    u:move:  Tell us about the book, 12th Planet, by Zecharia Sitchin, and why you named your dubstep alias after it.

    12th Planet:  I love Sitchin! I was mindblown when I read 12th Planet.  I grew up going to Catholic school my entire life, and I always wanted to know where the names and concepts in the Bible come from.  Sure, it might have its origins with the Dead Sea Scrolls, but with the book 12th Planet, I found that there was a creation story, whether it be Greek, Roman, Indian, Hebrew, Egyptian, whatever.  I think the book influenced me so much, I decided to name myself after it, and make music dedicated to the idea of our species coming from outer space.  SEE HERE -

    u:move: Whether originals or remixes, what are some tracks you’ve been working on lately?

    12th Planet:  I’ve got a few projects up my sleeve right now.  I’ve got collabs with 16bit, Zeds Dead, Skrillex, Kill The Noise, A-Trak, Jack Beats, Borgore, plus many more.  I am working on an album right now as well, but that could take a long time to finish, because I really want it to be just right.  As far as remixes, I have 2 remixes that are currently out right now, one of this artist from Australia named 3three6sixty, and also a remix of Echo Park’s “Fiberoptic” w/ Flinch on Skream’s label, Disfigured Dubz.

    u:move:  What are some emerging club sounds that you’ve been dabbling in as of late?

    12th Planet:  Moombahton, Trap Hop and Witch House.

    u:move:  Do you think dubstep is gaining or losing steam in 2011?

    12th Planet:  Dubstep is emerging in USA for 2 main reasons in my opinion.  The first, is the widespread use of social media.  It’s easier to promo on Facebook and Twitter, than how it was 20 years ago with having to have major label support.  The second reason is the major DNB influence on dubstep.  The camaraderie that is displayed among the DNB and dubstep community is a “come as you are” type attitude, whereas electro, punk and metal has this sort of fashion connotation with the music.  Dubstep is a pure have fun experience, where no one cares what race, genre, sex or financial background you come from. 

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