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Interview - Bag Raiders

    Straight from down under (Sydney, Australia that is) comes Bag Raiders.  A disco/house pair probably best known for their internet hit, “Sunlight”, Chris Stracey and Jack Glass ditched orchestra practice to smoke cigarettes when they were in school together and began making cooler music a couple of years later after they began hanging out.  That turned out to be a good call.  Out of the two, we were only able to reach Mr. Stracey.  Check the following Q&A wherein he speaks upon their fascination with European club music, what to expect from them under the Critical Mass tent at the Kanrocksas Music Festival in August and much more.

    u:move:  Tell us about how you guys came together as Bag Raiders.

    Chris Stracey:  We knew each other in school. I guess you could say we first started hanging out in orchestra practice sneaking out to smoke cigarettes in the break. But really we didn’t start hanging out doing music together until a couple of years out of school. Really we were making some strange experimental electronic stuff of which I think none of exists today.

    u:move: How were you guys initially introduced to house and disco while living in Australia ?

    Chris Stracey:  We used to listen to mostly French house like Daft Punk, Demon, Alex Gopher and all the Roulé stuff.  But also we were into German techno and stuff. Our buddies from Bang Gang were putting on these legendary parties and that sort of kick started things for us. We would make bootleg blends and give ‘em to our friend Gus Da Hoodrat (now the Finger Prince) to DJ. Then we did a remix here and there. Those parties were a big part of what was going on musically though. We actually learned to DJ at those parties by just jumping on with those guys and playing records.

    u:move:  What are a couple of general music trends happening in Sydney right now, and how might those trends in the DJ/electronic music community differ from what’s going on in the States?

    Chris Stracey:  There are a few really good house/disco/electronic producers and bands coming out of Sydney, and Australia in general. I guess the states have people like the Classixx and Holy Ghost carrying that torch but I feel like it’s a bit more of a niche in the states, whilst it’s kind of THE music in Sydney.

    u:move:  What can we expect from you guys at Kanrocksas here in a couple of weeks?  What does a Bag Raiders show sound and look like?

    Chris Stracey:  It’s the two of us each at our own little station. We both sing, we each have a ton of percussion and things to hit with sticks, and a couple of synths each. It’s a lot of fun, we both move around a bunch playing everything. It’s a bit of a house party with a journey.

    u:move:  What upcoming projects and events do you guys have slated for the rest of the year?

    Chris Stracey:  Currently we are touring the USA with Ellie Goulding. We also have some of our own shows planned, and a 10-day tour of Europe, then back home to Australia for another run of shows. Once the touring slows down we’ll start work on our 2nd album.

    u:move:  Lastly, give us your top 5 chart, whatever you’re feeling at the moment.

    Chris Stracey:  In no particular order, I’m feeling these a lot right now..

    Laid back - Bakerman (Soul Clap Remix)
    JKriv - Another Night
    Christophe - The Rorce (Julio Bashmore Piano Mix)
    Rogerseventytwo - You Take Me Higher
    The Count and Sinden - Future (Canblaster Remix)

    (Also, check the remix that KC-based DJ, Spinstyles, concocted from the aforementioned standout single from Bag Raiders, “Sunlight”, right here:

Reader Discussion

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How come I wasn’t asked to write something? After all, I’m one of her kids too! At least, she and her big biteauful family have always made me feel that way. Alice and Mark took me in during a very dark period in my life. What impact that one act of charity has done for me! Alice has always made time for me, sat down, made full eye contact and given me her undivided attention. She never made me feel like she was too busy-and she could very well be the busiest woman I know. I am just one of I’m sure hundreds of stories. Alice is one of a kind, a beam of light for more than her own generation. Her influence was described above-and I’m telling you there’s more, there’s way more. If we could all be a little more, and it would only have to be just a little bit more like this superb woman-by golly-the evil of the world wouldn’t stand a chance! Thank you for your hilarious sense of humor, immense love for others, over the top commitment to service and refreshing honesty. Indeed, Alice is the real deal.

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