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Q&A With Treasure Fingers

    Atlanta/New York-based producer, remixer and DJ, Treasure Fingers, just sent us the replies for our e-mail interview in anticipation for his performance under the Critical Mass tent at the Kanrocksas Music Festival, now just three days away.  Don’t forget to check this dude out for some housey goodness.  He’ll be playing from 7:15-8:00 p.m. on Friday night.  And please, someone bring him some orangeade Snapple so I can finally find out how he got his stage name…

    u:move:  This marks the second time that u:move has conducted an interview with you.  Are you going to tell us how you got a stage name like Treasure Fingers?  Or is third time a charm?

    Treasure Fingers: Third time could be a charm if I’m bribed a Snapple, orangeade flavor. wink

    u:move:  Did you catch a lot of flack from people in the drum and bass community when you began doing house music? 

    Treasure Fingers:  No, I actually got quite a bit of love. A lot of people sent messages saying that they love good house music and they support the TF project.

    u:move:  Are you still an active member of Evol Intent?  If so, what can we expect from you guys in the future?

    Treasure Fingers:  Yes, We just put out a new 4 track drum & bass release titled “Cruise Control” EP. We’ve also got another dubstep single coming out in about a month or two. We’re still doing shows and all that also. It’s just a balancing act for all of us with our other projects.

    u:move:  Did you begin DJing before making tracks?  If so, how did you make the time to experiment with your own beats in the studio while playing other people’s beats out in a club setting?  Did you have to take a break from DJing?

    Treasure Fingers:  It was about the exact same time. I’ve always considered myself more of a producer than a DJ though. I never got into “DJ culture” too much, like tricks, turntablism, club residencies, etc. I always just saw DJing as an outlet to play my music for people.

    u:move:  What kind of qualities do you look for in a given song that make the possibility of remixing it come to fruition?

    Treasure Fingers:  It really just needs something, anything to catch my attention. I get some remix requests that just don’t stand out much & I wouldn’t even know where to begin remixing it, but if there’s one element that I’d be able to take and manipulate to build a remix around then I’ll usually take it on.

  u:move:  What upcoming projects or shows do you have slated for the rest of the year?

    Treasure Fingers:  I have a single slated for Fool’s Gold Records, that should be out in the fall although we haven’t set an exact release date yet. I’m also working on an EP and a mix compilation for Defected. I’ll also start some heavy touring again this fall.

    u:move:  Lastly, give us your top 5 chart, whatever you’re feeling at the moment. 

    Treasure Fingers: 
    Danny Daze - “Your Everything”
    Bingo Players - “Cry (Just A Little)” (Olav Basoski Remix)
    Fire Flowerz - “Bout You”
    Peter & The Magician - “Twist”
    Rogerseventytwo - “Future Funk”

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